Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So, I'm 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant now. Here's what's been going on in my life since my last post:

*I thought I was nauseaous during that last post, but honey, I didn't know what nausea was! Right around week 12, when I thought that the mild nausea I was having would be passing, my body kicked into high, vomit-y gear. I was barely keeping down water on some days. It was lovely, really. Who knew vomit came in so many fabulous colors? My last barf session occurred at 17 weeks and it ceased quite suddenly thereafter. Thank the good Lord!

*Been getting increasingly annoyed w/ one of the midwives I attend birth with. Don't get me wrong. The nurse-midwives I assist are wonderful folks, bless them dearly, but one of them often tries my patience with some of the things she says and does in and out of a labor/birth setting. And her labor management skills sometimes border on...hmmm. Let's just say she could use some good, strong support in the form of a second (knowledgeable) midwife in most situations. That, and a course on interpersonal communication. Maybe some sensitivity training, too. She's not a bad person by far, but, sheesh. She sure can rub people the wrong way at times. Of course, I'm too diplomatic (or is it chicken-shit?) to say much about this to her. Actually, I've tried to have conversations about cultural differences that some clients might have and how we need to be sensitive to these things. Well, that's never gone in the direction I thought it might. She either claims people are just so ignorant and that's why their beliefs differ or that others are displaying "reverse racism" by not simply accepting her views or her care as is. *sigh* Uh, yeah. Okay.

*Went down to see my sister who is also pregnant. For the love of Christmas, that was one stressful trip. I love seeing my family and my sisters in particular, but after dealing w/ one pregzilla, she and her husband constantly bickering, family blood pressure issues, a first grade terrorist in the making (and her mother who believes that yelling = discipline)??? I was ready to come home ASAP. I was only there for 4 days and it felt like 4 weeks. I was so stressed out that on the plane trip back home, I began having contractions. Oh, yeah. More to this story below...

*I thought the contractions I was having were due to the change in air pressure or whatever on the plane. After we landed, those suckers continued. And they got stronger. And more organized. Well, after I downed a liter of coconut water and laid myself down, I expected things to stop. I was only 25 weeks, for crying out loud. They didn't stop. In fact, they were every 4 minutes. I texted my midwife and got hubby to take me to the nearest hospital. By this time, I had been contracting for several hours. The intern (who as it turns out lives in the building next to mine) ran a fetal fibronectin which came back positive. Yay. VE revealed I was fingertipping but not very soft or showing change over several hours. Contractions finally stopped after I got 2000mL of Lactated Ringer's solution. Until I got up to walk out of L&D. I didn't even bother to tell the nurses. I was tired and assured that my cervix wasn't dilating. I just took my ass home and put myself on temporary bedrest. Apparently, I have an excitable uterus. Yay, me.

*I FINALLY got my midwifery license to practice in the state that we're planning to move to next year! I'm so excited. *does a twirl*

*What else? Hmm. I think that's it for now. Especially since it's past 4am right now. *Yawn* Oh, wait! Did I mention that I'm having a baby boy? If not, I'm mentioning it now. I so love him already. I know what you're thinking. Yep, I now walk around with a vagina AND a penis. How cool am I? Don't be jealous. :o)


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