Friday, July 8, 2011

I Haven't Been Abducted By Aliens...Well, kinda.

Hey, folks. I've been a total slacker when it comes to this blog and for this I apologize. What I haven't been slacking on, apparently, is baby-making. It's true. Two pink lines. SQEEEEEEEE!!!! Just over 12 weeks now and the nausea is really starting to kick it up a notch at this point. It's generally supposed to be easing up around now (or soon, prayerfully), but as usual, my body must be the exception to all rules, right? *sigh* Barf.

Overall, though, I'm doing well (other than the N/V and crushing exhaustion) and the little alien/sprout is growing nicely. Even taught childbirth class and attended a lovely birth the day before yesterday, so I'm not slowing down much. Holy fark, I'm growing a person! My mind is officially blown. I seriously hope I'm better at this than I am at growing plants. Cuz I totally suck rat balls at that. Sheesh. Taking my tired butt to bed. But I promise to not be a total blog slacker from here on out. Or I'll at least try.

Peace and chicken grease. :o)