Monday, August 3, 2009

Lately, I've had boobies on the brain. That's right. I've been pondering breastfeeding. A lot. More specifically, I've been annoyed and outraged by those who claim that breastfeeding is obscene or disgusting and should only be done behind the closed doors of a public bathroom stall. And I've been vocal about it. One friend commented, "Wow, you sure are passionate about your breasts!" Well, I am. They're great. And someday, they'll hopefully nourish the next generation of the Milk Chocolate Midwife family. I'll be damned if I'm doing that important task behind closed doors unless it's strictly by choice!
So, in honor of International Breasfeeding Week, here's Blacktating's August Carnival of Breastfeeding. Love it, live it.

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  1. Some people forget breasts aren't sex organs. Breasts are there to nourish the young. The fact that they have the ability to arouse someone, and the assumption that they are some form of genetalia is soley the workings of mankind's own mind.
    Saying that bearing breasts is obscene or disgusting is as ludacrous as saying that showing one's arms is obscene or disgusting.